September 15, 2019

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California Supreme Court Reigns in Arbitration Agreements

At the beginning of April, the California Supreme Court decided that arbitration agreements waiving the right to seek public injunctive relief run counter to the California Civil Code and are therefore unenforceable in that state. In McGill v. … [Read More...]

Multivehicle Accidents – Evidence is Key

When an accident occurs between two vehicles, establishing fault isn’t difficult. In many cases, one of the parties will be found liable. Shared liability may apply in some cases. Proving liability in multivehicle accidents however, can be more … [Read More...]

Personal Injury and Steps to Take After An Injury

Most people never anticipate that they might need a personal injury attorney. They might not consider the plethora of hazards which may be present on a typical day, like unsafe drivers, unleashed dogs, broken steps and faulty products. And yet, every … [Read More...]